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Wooden floors were once the sign of wealth, but now, as more and more homeowners opt for wooden floors and furniture, wood has become the material of choice. With the introduction of timber floors and furniture, however, comes the task of caring, protecting and decorating. In their latest blog post, Altis Industries Ltd provides a comprehensive guide to wood care and decoration.

As we have already mentioned, wood in a home was once a sign of wealth and fortune, but as this stereotype fades, why are homeowners still opting for wooden materials? One of the main benefits of natural floors and furniture in a home is the longevity of the materials. Compared to other materials, wood and timber is much more resistant to wear and damage, meaning the lifespan of your products are far greater than those made from almost any other material. Because these products outlive products crafted from other sources, there is greater need to care for them and to ensure they reach their maximum age. With that being said, we have provided an outline to the processes of cleaning, caring, and decorating your wooden products.


Thankfully, when compared to other materials, wooden products are often easier to clean. For general maintenance, use a brush to wipe away any resting debris or surface dirt, and wipe it down with a warm, damp cloth. For any wooden floors, a simple vacuum will be enough to freshen them up, and to rid them of any dirt. Be careful with polish, however, as too much can seep into the pores of your wood and leave an untidy finish, distorting the natural colour of your furniture. For the most part, your wooden furniture will make do with vacuum or a simple wipe down with a cloth, so only use polish if your wood is in desperate need of a spruce up and when a wipe down just won’t do.

To help protect your wooden furniture from stains and to prolong the life and health of your wood, take a look at the following wood care tips:


With wooden floors and furniture, there are a number of wood care and finishing products that are can help freshen up and revitalise your products. After you have thoroughly cleaned your objects, you can either choose to give them a light sanding to remove any grime that is residing in the open pores of the wood, and then apply any one of a number of finishes, depending on what you are looking to achieve:

Wax: Waxing is the number one choice for wood care and maintenance. Waxing your wood helps to protect the health of your wood by acting as a barrier against any dirt, and it can also provide a clean and shiny finish to your furniture.

Stains: Staining products for wood care are less efficient than products such as wax, but they do offer more in terms of aesthetic and appearance. Stains are the pigment that tends to remain on the surface if the wood and fix itself into the pores to make the surface smooth and shiny.

Dyes: In contrast to stains and waxes that reside on the surface of the wood, dyes seep deeper into the wood and colour the wood from within.

If you are opting to wax your materials, there are a few number of steps that need to be followed to ensure your wood looks fresh and clean. Firstly, if there is any existing wax on the surface, use a wax stripping substance to provide a clean surface on which to work on. Allow the stripping solution to set and settle before washing it and rinsing it off. Make sure the floor is completely clear and clean before applying the wax, and then proceed to apply even coats of wax and allow plenty of time for it to set and dry.

To apply stains and dye to the wood, you will need to sand the surface lightly before applying any one of the finishes. When you are applying the dyes and stains, take care to ensure there are no streaks as it is extremely difficult to remove. Stains and dye will need longer time to set in comparison to wax, so bear this in mind before undertaking the task.

Applying these finishes can often be time consuming and there is a level of care that needs to be administered when undertaking this work, so is it really worth it?

The Benefits of Wooden Furniture

As we have already mentioned, wooden furniture and wooden floors will last much longer than other materials, but they also offer a number of further benefits. One of the biggest complaints for wooden floors is that they are cold and do not retain heat well, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Because they are installed in panels, the process of introducing underfloor heating is much easier than it would be if you had carpet or any other type of flooring. Underfloor heating is also one of the most efficient ways of heating a home, so not only do they warm your home, but they also have a positive effect on your carbon footprint.

Besides from the longevity of the material and the heating options that can be applied to them, there is a lot to be said for the aesthetic of wood. Both natural and understated, wooden floorboards and wooden furniture is a stylish way of achieving a traditional and stripped back vibe for your home, and due to the availability of wood, it is a theme that can be achieved at a fraction of the costs compared to years ago.

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