The Benefits of Machine Hire February 5, 2018 – Posted in: News

Before the creation of vehicles, machines and other products of engineering, manual labour meant that construction times and practices were longer and far more arduous. Now, as a result of this evolution in technology, builders and workers are swapping their shovels and spades for mini-diggers, rollers and mowers. Although these machines are being used day in and day out by construction workers, are they really more efficient than getting the job done by hand? In their latest blog, Altis Industries Ltd outline the many benefits of machine hire and why technology should lead the way on your site.


Although machine hire does come with an upfront cost to fund the hire of the vehicle, the option of hiring vehicles can actually save a construction firm money. The alternative to using vehicles and machinery on the site is to use handheld tools and resorting to good, old-fashioned manual labour. Although there is no upfront costs for this option, the time spent on completing the job will be far greater than if vehicles and machines were used. When you combine hourly or daily rates of the workers and compare it to the upfront costs that come with machine hire options, these vehicles not only save time but they also save a lot of money.


With the number of vehicles and types of machinery available to workers and builders, there is always the likelihood of encountering a piece of machinery that you do not know how to operate. Luckily, when you hire vehicles and machinery, you are given any necessary training and guidance to be able to operate the machine safely and efficiently. When hiring through a reputable company, you will also be able to contact the hiring firm while on site if you encounter any problems or speed bumps.


As we have already mentioned, enlisting the power of a machine or vehicle onto your site will drastically reduce the time spent on your project. When given the correct training and guidance on how to operate the vehicle, too, you will soon be able to complete tasks that would otherwise occupy vasts amount of time.
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