A Guide to Types of Hand Tools – What You Need in Your Tool Set March 26, 2018 – Posted in: News

Whether you’re moving into your first house, are tackling your first DIY project, or have just been muddling along borrowing friend’s tools – it seems you’ve decided it’s time to take a look at what types of hand tools you need in your tool set! A tool set can be built steadily over the years, or bought in one mad dash when you’re facing a large renovation project. However you plan to build up your tool set, Altis Industries Ltd have compiled a guide to help you gather together all of the hand tools you’ll need for your basic, beginners tool kit. Each subheading title clicks through to our range so you can start your collection today.



Claw Hammer

A good hammer will probably outlast cockroaches at the end of the world; don’t be scared to invest in a high-quality claw hammer. With the quite simple job of hitting nails into things, a claw hammer takes it a step further and can pull nails out of things too! A simple tool which can’t be spun into anything too exciting, you’ll be lost without one in your tool set.



Adjustable wrench

For your basic tool set, an adjustable wrench (or adjustable spanner as they are sometimes known) will perform lots of different jobs for you. This versatile piece of kit essentially opens wider and closes up again to allow you to grip things tightly. These ‘jaws’ allow you to use your wrench on many different sizes of nuts and bolts.



Locking pliers

Similar to the adjustable wrench above, locking pliers allow you to firmly grasp something and lock that grasp in place. Although they seem similar, pliers and wrenches have different uses, so you’re best to have one of each. Locking pliers in particular boast stronger lever action than normal pliers, they remain closed, and this closing point with a lock allows you to be really precise.




This may seem like an obvious addition, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t think to include a torch in their tool set – or in their house for that matter! As far as types of hand tools go, this is an absolute necessity for all those dark corners you might have to get into to unscrew something or tighten another thing. Not to mention the safety element when a fuse blows!

062142 Screwdriver Set In Rack 26 Piece

Screwdriver set

You could handpick the screwdrivers you need very successfully, stock up on a few flathead screwdrivers and some cross-headed screwdrivers. However, if you’re looking for an easy catch-all tool kit, best to invest in a screwdriver set. That way, you’ll never be caught off guard during your DIY.

Utility Knife Multi-Tool

Utility knife

When thinking of types of hand tools, knives may not spring to mind if you’re not particularly used to DIY. Don’t underestimate to the usefulness of a utility knife in your tool set! This multipurpose tool is designed to be suitable for most materials, whether cutting, scraping, trimming, or whatever else you can think of. This versatile hand tool is a must for your tool set.



Tape measure

You know the old phrase – measure twice, cut once. Eyeballing wont do when it comes to DIY, so take the time to properly measure up anything you’re fitting, cutting, screwing, etc. You can get extra long tape measures from Altis, but for your basic tool set a standard tape measure should do.




A level is something you don’t want to leave out of your tool set. You’ll notice it if it’s not there – or rather, your DIY projects will notice it! As with pretty much all types of hand tools, it’s worth investing in a good level to provide you with accurate readings for a long time.



Personal Protective Equipment

This might not technically fall into the category of ‘types of hand tools’ but it’s certainly a must for your tool set. At the very least you should invest in protective eyewear and a dust mask, but purchasing other types of protective equipment such as earplugs is also encouraged.



Cordless drill

A bit more heavy duty than other types of hand tools on this list, but we promise you’ll thank us. One of the handiest types of hand tools out there, a cordless drill will make your projects that much easier. It deserves pride of place in your tool set!




Last but certainly not least, any budding DIYer needs a toolbox! Keep in mind that your tool collection will grow over the years, so there is no such thing as a toolbox too big.


For all of your hand tool needs, whether you’re building a set or need to hire more specialist equipment, contact the folks at Altis Industries Ltd and we’ll meet your every need. You can shop online or call us directly on 01420 472692.