Be a Buyer or Opt for Hire? The Benefits of Tool Hire December 19, 2017 – Posted in: News

For builders and workers in any industry, one of the biggest gripes surrounding their jobs is the cost of materials and tools. Opening the door to a bigger debate, the cost of builders’ tools regularly poses this question: “Do I purchase these tools myself, or do I look into tool hire options?” If you have ever asked yourself this question, Altis Industries Ltd aim to make the decision an easier one by outlining all the benefits of tool hire options and explaining why renting your builders tools and building trade supplies should always be considered.


Like most industries, one of the most pressing issues within the tool hire debate is cost. For the most part, purchasing builders’ tools, vehicles, and equipment can stump up a hefty fee. When discussing the possibility of whether to purchase machines or vehicles, it is almost always more feasible to hire rather than buy. Purchasing vehicles and machines, such as cement mixers or mini excavators for example, can accumulate a sizeable one-off fee, but there are also a number of other costs to be considered. With machines such as these, maintenance costs and repairs must also be considered, and for vehicles like the mini-excavator we mentioned previously, there may also be issues regarding insurance. In cases such as these, tool hire is almost certainly the better option, as the overall costs will be much less than purchasing the vehicle outright. By hiring these machines, you also avoid having an expensive piece of equipment collecting dust when your current project does not require that specific vehicle or tool. Therefore, it can be said that it is often more economical to pay a smaller fee and only using the machine when you need it, rather than purchasing the machine itself and only using when the right job comes along.

Having covered the subject of vehicle and machine hire, we must now turn our attention to building trade supplies and tool hire. If you are working in an industry that requires top of the range equipment with cutting edge technology, then hiring the latest products is advisable. Instead of constantly splashing out on the latest tool and having a collection of other, half used tools in your garage, free up some space and hire out the latest tool. Not only does this save space in your garage and reduce costs in the long run, but you also avoid having to turn to a cheaper alternative tool and compromising the quality of your work.

Removes Complications

As previously mentioned, purchasing your builders’ tools or building trade supplies can muster up some unnecessary complications. Particularly in terms of maintenance, tool repairs, such as sharpening, can consist of very complex processes which require a very niche skillset. Before trying your hand at doing this yourself and putting your health and your safety at risk, why not consider tool hire options and remove these complications entirely? When you opt to hire rather than purchase your materials, you receive the latest products in almost perfect condition, and once you are finished with them, you simply hand them back and leave all the repair and maintenance to the hire company. Tools do not have the longest lifespan, either, so the constant need to repair and maintain these products may seem like more hassle than it is worth. Tool hire options allow you to focus solely on your work and remove the extra hassle of ensuring your builders’ tools and building trade supplies are in perfect condition.

Not only do you receive these products in the best possible condition, but they also allow you to carry out a greater standard of work and it prevents you from working with damaged or faulty materials. Working with builders tools or building trade supplies which are not fit for purpose results in a poor finish to whatever you are working on and also poses a direct threat to your safety while at work. If you want to find out more about how you can protect your health and safety while at work, have a read through our previous blog that looks at The Importance of Safety Equipment.

Training and Guidance

As hire companies provide you with the latest pieces of equipment and machinery, it is quite likely that you would never have experienced or handled these tools before. Thankfully, when you opt for tool hire from a reputable hire company, the tools and their uses are often demonstrated and explained. Comprehensive training and guidance is normally also given to ensure you use the tools safely and efficiently. Not only does this protect your health and ensure your safety while at work, but this guidance and training broadens and refines your skillset, allowing you to carry out your work to a higher standard.

Although this blog post has outlined the benefits of tool hire options and why they may be a more appropriate option for your line of work, it must be said that tool hire is not the only choice. Most workers will have a basic skillset consisting of the bare essentials for any industry, and more often than not, it is advised to purchase these items to ensure you have them on you at all times. The tool hire debate merely applies to more specialist pieces of equipment, such as vehicles, that do not occupy space in your toolbox. If your personal situation can accommodate purchasing tools and equipment and you feel that owning the products yourself is the best option, then by all means, proceed with that option.

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